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IncrediblEurope Young Ambassadors

IncrediblEurope Young Ambassadors are the “bridge” between the IE network and young people in their country.

Why are IE Young Ambassadors that important?
Young people now age 18-28 will play a major role in the future of Europe. Their concerns and visions must be taken seriously but also their voice must be heard in shaping the future. There are approximately 90 million Europeans aged 18-28 and our target is to reach the 3% innovators and changemakers – the leading force in the future. We are looking for at least one IE Young Ambassador in each major city of Europe.

What is your role as an IE Young Ambassador?
You know what is going on in your country when it comes to people aged about 18 – 28 years, their visions, their innovation and business potential. You are the one forwarding news from IE to your country and the other way around. You gain experience in building up and nurturing a network as well as in diplomatic manners. You gain from international contacts.

Interested in becoming an IncrediblEurope Young Ambassador?
Then download more information or/and contact our coordinators Svetozar and Marija or our YA mentor Florian!

Svetozar Kujic
Belgrade | Serbia
Marija Bulatovic
Podgorica | Montenegro

Ana Catarina Silva
Coimbra | Portugal
Andriy Melnyk
Lviv | Ukraine
Almir Mukaca
Sarajevo | Bosnia-Herzegovina
Elizabeth Parra Ganteaume
Wellington | New Zealand
Ana Buhaljoti
Tirana | Albania

Andre Lauer
Brussels | Belgium
Leona Kunayova
Prague | Czech Republic
Sudheer Marisetty
Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh, India
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