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Our Honorary Board

It is our pleasure and honour to thank our Honorary Board of IncrediblEs for supporting IncrediblEurope.

Thank you!

Dr. Erhard Busek (Chairman of the Institute for Danube Region and Central Europe)

“If in the ten years ahead of us we do not succeed in giving Europe its soul, a spiritual dimension, true significance, then we will have been wasting our time. That is the lesson of my experience. Europe cannot live by legal arguments and economic know-how alone. The potential of the Maastricht Treaty will not be realized without some form of inspiration.”

Dr. Stefan Glaenzer (CEO WhiteBearYard)

"I love Europe."

KR Brigitte Jank (President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

“Creative industries need to be encouraged and developed as one of our future industries. Therefore, corporation in all directions has to be stimulated and common projects have to be enhanced. Additionally, a new public awareness of what creative industries mean to the economic system and what they are able to contribute has to be built up. That is why I naturally support IncrediblEurope.”

Dr. Brigitte Wolf (Director of ORF-Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Vienna)

"It is a great pleasure and a great honour to be a member of the board of IE. IE is a fantastic event that will help us to shape our future. As a Viennese, it makes me proud that this important event is being hosted in my home town.
IE: a must for change makers, Vienna: the best possible place for such an exciting event."

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