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Our IncrediblE Angels

It is our pleasure to present our incrediblE Angels, who strongly supported us since the very beginning.

Mirko Ilic (USA/Bosnia-Herzegovina)

The extraordinary designer Mirko Ilic, who often appeared in the media because of his provocative and occasionally political works, was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but has been acting and living in the US since 1986. Among other things, he worked as the Art Director for the international edition of Time Magazine. In 1995, he founded the Mirko Ilic Corporation, a studio for graphic design and 3D animation.

Jillian de Beer (New Zealand)

Jillian de Beer is an international strategist specialising in creative enterprise, business transformation, economic development, cultural identity, international market development, and the creative industries.
Jillian has advised on the creation of niche industries and new markets, creative environments, urban revitalisation, and the protection of authentic cultural expression in New Zealand, USA, Australia, Canada and Eastern Europe.

Ab Kuijer (The Netherlands)

Ab Kuijer is a conceptual thinker, a writer and a communicator. He started 25 years ago as a journalist for several newspapers and magazines. In the years that followed Ab had his daily breakfastshows being a radiohost, he became owner of a dance radiostation and the publisher of a Nightlife magazine. He worked for several media and after two years of being a tv producer Ab started his own communication agency. With JuniorSenior he established Europe's first communication agency network that is leading in young marketing.

Teodora Migdalovici (Romania)

Teodora Migdalovici is the founder of Bitter Almonds, an alchemic laboratory specialized in success management. She is a communication consultant, an advertising analyst and a teacher. As the Cannes Lions Ambassador in Romania she made possible through lobby efforts the presence of the first Romanian juror in this prestigious event, for the first time in 56 years. Since 2008 she is as well the official representative of ACT Responsible. In 2005 Teodora launched The Alternative School for Creative Thinking with a clear goal: to discover and cultivate young talents in order to become winners with heart, in day to day life as well as at Cannes. The Alternative School had a record number of students attending Cannes Lions from the first year it opened to the youngsters. During last 10 years, she coordinated brand building and communication projects for high level clients, both persons and companies in Romania and abroad. In 2007, she was speaker at Asia Brand Summit held in Mumbai, India where she had a daring approach on brand pathologies. The project was awarded with Brand Leadership Award. She became one of the 20 Gobal Super Achievers in the world in 2007, being rewarded for the educational projects she developed. Stevie Award and European Excellence Award were international distinctions offered for “Coca-Cola book of smiles” a history book of the company that she documented and wrote in only 2 months. In 2010 she received The Private Diplomacy Award offered in the context of Business Woman Hall of Fame for her essential role in promoting the Romanian ad industry leaders at international level.

Gentry Underwood (USA)

Gentry Underwood began his career as a software designer, after earning a degree in human-computer interaction from Stanford University. But he left Silicon Valley and the world of start-ups to study psychology, anthropology, and community development. Gentry headed IDEO’s Knowledge Sharing domain, which focuses on facilitating large-scale collaboration through the human-centered application of technology. Today Gentry combines his social science and design backgrounds to focus on building collaborative systems that people actually want to use.

Published works:
November 2009, “Social Software: The Other ‘Design for Social Impact'," Core 77
User-centered push methods and system (patent)
2007, "Capturing New Community: A Case Study in Digital Filmmaking as Ethnography"
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