IncrediblEurope: 700+ Million Individuals. 50+ Languages. 1 Global Player.

IncrediblEurope Night

IncrediblEurope advocates ample support, interaction and cooperation between all stakeholders as a sustainable investment in Europe’s future. The campaign involves all European countries and works across languages, sectors and activities, promoting and presenting good practice visions, tips and ideas from all over the continent. We believe that all of them can spark imagination and make a difference.

The yearly IncrediblEurope Summit as the "Mut-Tankstelle" of Europe is limited to a certain number of selected future-makers to ensure a high-qualitative process as well as outcome.
Therefore the idea was born to create something big, what is open to everybody to come up to our beliefe that Europe has an incrediblE potential which must be highlighted and known across Europe and beyond.

So we initiate and organize the IncrediblEurope Night in closely linked European cities to show off their best in innovative, creative and entrepreneurial businesses in one night. It will take place for the first time in 2014.

If you want your city to join the IE Night or if you want to present your business during this incrediblE night just get in contact with us.

Looking forward to an incrediblE show-off in 2014!
created by Team sisu