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IncrediblE Events 2010

Bizkaia Creaktiva 2010

The second edition of Bizkaia Creaktiva, the International Forum of Creative Industries, initiated and organized by Creativity Zentrum Bizkaia, offered his attendants an unforgettable experience. They hosted original company leaders who believe in love, businesswomen who at the age of 20 have already created 4 companies, entrepreneurs that have used the potential of creative industries to develop Bosnia-Herzegovina... and interesting workshops, as well as an exhibition about the workplaces of the future.

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DKI - Days of Creativity & Innovation 2010

The "Days of Creativity and Innovation 2010" organised by the network MRAK in Zagreb focused on creativity and innovation in education, knowledge society and entrepreneurship. And IncrediblEurope didn't miss this chance!

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Mikser 2010

Mikser is a network of enthusiasts and professionals involved in production of various trans-cultural projects. It is concieved as an interactive network of exceptional individuals from various fields. Mikser mixes cultural products and produces projects that connect avant-gard phenomenae and concepts of local and global (pop) cultures.
IncrediblEurope was there!

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IE Summit 2010

Europe’s creative potential connects in Vienna

At the second IncrediblEurope Summit in Vienna Brainswork CEO Selma Prodanovic once again successfully connected influential creative and innovative masterminds from all over the world.

By following this year’s topic “Re-learn to lead. Re-learn to create.” shared visions and activities for a sustainable Europe in the year 2049 were evolved. As a result of the summit the incrediblE attendees decided to bring in their own initiatives into the movement of IncrediblEurope.

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Post Summit Activities

THE BOX by Julie May Queen

"THE BOX by Julie May Queen" was presented at the 2nd IncrediblEurope Summit. The success inspired us to start an IncrediblE tour with the artist.


The partnership between IncrediblEurope and STARTeurope will continue with activities throughout the year. If you are a future entrepreneur, start-up, potential investor,... contact us.

ediblEurope Business Angels

The IncrediblEurope organisation in Vienna has a strong focus on the future of Europe.
Innovators, changemakers and creative entrepeneurs are important for the success of Europe and in this light we are connecting with Business Angels throughout Europe.

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