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Post Summit Activities

THE BOX by Julie May Queen

"THE BOX by Julie May Queen" was presented at the 2nd IncrediblEurope Summit. The success inspired us to start an IncrediblE tour with the artist.
If you are interested to host "THE BOX by Julie May Queen" in your city, please contact us.

You are confronted by a box. A wooden cube open to one side. It is sensual in it’s proportions and both the material as well as the surface crave for being touched. A „playground“ waiting to be explored and experienced, a quiet place to rest or to do some soul-searching. "THE BOX by Julie May Queen" is an instrument of communication. Everyone who joins it leaves a gift while he hands it on to the next. A visualized network of people’s visions, experiences, destinies and destinations. The people interacting with this space are attended by a photographer. "THE BOX by Julie May Queen" will be passed along to different places all over Europe and photos will be taken, accompanied by a running extended touring exhibition.

The partnership between IncrediblEurope and STARTeurope will continue with activities throughout the year. If you are a future entrepreneur, start-up, potential investor,... contact us.

STARTeurope believes that an event and primary funding is only the start of a successful business but even more it needs a venture team and the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of each team member as well as the work itself. This is what STARTeurope wants to support with its know-how, network and workspace.

STARTeurope - Moving ideas! Moving people!
IncrediblEurope Business Angels

The IncrediblEurope organisation in Vienna has a strong focus on the future of Europe.

Innovators, changemakers and creative entrepeneurs are important for the success of Europe and in this light we are connecting with Business Angels throughout Europe.

Our mission is to give young, creative people with great ideas the best help they can get. Not simply funding an idea, but stretching out the possibilities over Europe to become a success.

IncrediblE Angel Ab Kuijer from JuniorSenior kickstarted this initiative.

Feel free to contact Ab or IncrediblEurope to learn more about and/or to become an IncrediblEurope Business Angel!
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