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Bizkaia Creaktiva

23. - 25. March 2010, Bilbao

The second edition of Bizkaia Creaktiva, the International Forum of Creative Industries, initiated and organized by Creativity Zentrum Bizkaia, offered his attendants an unforgettable experience. They hosted original company leaders who believe in love, businesswomen who at the age of 20 have already created 4 companies, entrepreneurs taht have used the potential of creative industries to develop Bosnia-Herzegovina... and interesting workshops, as well as an exhibition about the workplaces of the future.

IncrediblEurope was presented to the international audience of Bizkaia Creaktiva.
IncrediblE angel Ab Kuijer and IncrediblEurope initiator Selma Prodanovic organized a workshop about "Creativity in business".

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Bizkaia Creaktiva
Dossier 2010
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