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Speakers IncrediblEurope Summit 2011

We are proud to present masterminds of innovation and creativity, future-oriented changemakers of the Summit 2011 who discussed solutions, synergies, opportunities, chances towards Europe 2049.

Check out these exciting international speakers from various fields of human work. They are listed in alphabetic order (Keynote Speaker excluded).
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Keynote Speaker 2011: JEAN OELWANG (Great Britain)

Jean Oelwang is the CEO of Virgin Unite, the entrepreneurial Foundation of the worldwide Virgin Group.  In her previous life, Jean lived and worked on five continents helping to lead successful mobile phone start-ups in South Africa, Colombia, Bulgaria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the US.
Jean has long explored the overlap of the business and social sectors and has been involved in both, having worked for the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife in Australia, and in numerous volunteer roles, including a stint as a VISTA volunteer where she worked with – and learned from - homeless teens in Chicago.

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Kai-Uwe Bergmann is an Associate Partner at BIG, who brings his expertise to proposals around the globe, including work in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.
The Bjarke Ingels Group, is a Copenhagen-based group of architects, designers and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development. BIG has created a reputation for completing buildings that are as programmatically and technically innovative as they cost and resource conscious.
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Gebhard Borck (Germany) and Markus Stegfellner (Austria) both studied economics, gained several experiences as DACH consultants in different business areas, industries and nearly all kind of company sizes. Even traveling a lot all around the world regarding business and economy they are interested in the realities on their own doorsteps. Searching another way to make economy work in central Europe together with Dr. Andreas Zeuch (3rd founder of the consulting company beratergruppe sinnvoll wirtschaften) in 2010 they started the RealExperiment: meanomize economy (RealExperiment sinnvoll•wirtschaften).

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Borge Brende is the Manging Director for Policy Initiatives and Constituents Engagement of the World Economic Forum and was Secretary General for Red Cross Norway from 2009 to 2011.
Brende was a member of the Norwegian parliament for more than 10 years. He held the government posts of Cabinet minister of the Environment, 2001 to 2004, and Cabinet minister of Trade and Industry, 2004 to 2005.
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Jillian de Beer is an international strategist specialising in creative enterprise, business transformation, economic development, cultural identity, international market development, and the creative industries.
Jillian has advised on the creation of niche industries and new markets, creative environments, urban revitalisation, and the protection of authentic cultural expression in New Zealand, USA, Australia, Canada and Eastern Europe. more details ...


Cecily Drucker is a seasoned entrepreneur, as well as an investor and advisor to entrepreneurs. She began her career as an investment analyst for a Venture Capital firm in Latin America and then moved to Citicorp in New York City where she was responsible for investment decisions in Citicorp’s Latin America portfolio.
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ALEXIS EREMIA (Romania/Austria)

Driven by a deep passion for human evolution, Romanian born Alexis Eremia, dedicated her last 5 years to create an ecosystem (supportive structures, processes, elements) that can enable individuals to make use of their potential of positive societal transformation, to engage their talents and their efforts for the betterment of the world.

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Since 1996, Martina Gleissenebner has worked internationally as trainer and lecturer. Her work is enriched by inside skills coming from ten years on the international executive board of a globally active corporation and eight years of experience abroad (in Milan and Monte Carlo).

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JOHN GRIFFITHS (Great Britain)

John Griffiths has been running Planning Above and Beyond since 2000 – a consultancy pushing the boundaries of research & communications planning. Clients include Cisco, Tesco and Kodak. He is a visiting professor with the IE Business School teaching the research component of their online MBA. Open source projects he has initiated include the Research Liberation Front a group to challenge and renew the research establishment in the UK, Waggledancers (the art of starting and running small groups for change) and the Cloud of Knowing, (an exploration about how to incorporate online content as part of sound research practice).
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The extraordinary designer Mirko Ilic, who often appeared in the media because of his provocative and occasionally political works, was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but has been acting and living in the US since 1986. Among other things, he worked as the Art Director for the international edition of Time Magazine. In 1995, he founded the Mirko Ilic Corporation, a studio for graphic design and 3D animation.

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Harald Katzenschlaeger is an expert in coaching and business development. He brings together significant experience in international business with practical experience in building and managing cross-cultural teams. He has coached at different organizational levels of blue-chip companies and SMEs, and worked with talents from various backgrounds to realize their dreams. He also worked with a number of non-profit and activist organizations.
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AB KUIJER (The Netherlands)

Ab Kuijer is an allround communication consultant with broad international experience in all sorts of media; journalist, radiohost, tv and feature film producer, social media activist and blogger. Creative thinker outside any box, team builder, motivator, passionate in bringing new ideas to new markets.
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SACHA LAKIC (Luxembourg)

Designer Sacha Lakic loves movement and speed. With a passion for spearhead technologies, he has carried out ambitious projects in the fields of cars and bikes. He is the designer of the Venturi Fétish, the world’s sportiest and most highly perfected example of an electric car. Paying close attention to the comfort and enjoyment procured by his designs, he has also pursued an interest over the past few years in furniture and architecture.

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Gertraud Leimueller is founder of winnovation, an international research and consultancy firm specialized on leading-edge methods of open and distributed innovation. She leads innovation projects in various high-tech as well as service industries and works in close collaboration with international universities.
Gertraud is president of the Austrian creative industries platform creativ wirtschaft austria at the Federal Chamber of Commerce since 2006 and closely connected to creative industries actors across Europe.
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Tamas Locher is initiator and co-founder of, a company that enables designers and customers to develop fashion products together and helps them to produce and distribute them anywhere in the world. His strength lies in building of world-class intercultural and interdisciplinary teams aiming to make a difference with their work.
Appart of his main involvement with Garmz he is a core driver of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe and a welcome speaker and panelist at entrepreneurship related events and conferences.

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LISA MUHR (Austria)

Lisa Muhr is the Marketingmanager of ‘Göttin des Glücks’ (GDG) - ‘Goddess of Luck’, , Austria’s first ecologically fair fashion label and one of the pioneer companies supporting Christian Felber´s “Common Welfare Economy”, a systemic alternative to communism and capitalism.
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Josef Penninger is the Scientific Director of the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences with the research focus on bones, immunity, cancer and how genes cause diseases. He is well known for his experimental approach. In 2010 he identified RANKL/RANK as a key regulator of progestin-driven breast cancer.

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Elizabeth Parra Ganteaume, Coordinator of the IncrediblE Young Ambassadors and in charge of the IE International Relations.
A passionate about social entrepreneurship. She earned her Master's degrees in International Affairs in Venezuela and nowadays she is pursuing a post degree in Management in New Zealand, furthermore she is willing to run her own social business.

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Selma Prodanovic is CEO of the Brainswork Group and initiator of IncrediblEurope. She is known as the “discoverer and connector” of human and business potentials.
Truly multicultural and multilingual (5 languages), Selma was educated in 4 different educational systems and lived in several countries in Europe and Africa. An entrepreneur and educator at heart, she is an expert in new business development, strategic marketing and networking.

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HANS REITZ (Germany)

Hans Reitz was born in 1966 in Bad Abbach in Bavaria where he grew up. He was driven from a very young age by the quest for adventure and change. At the age of 20 he started traveling
which led him to many countries, including India where he encountered classical southern Indian music. He has always been interested in art and culture. Within a few years, he established a creative circle and, as culture manager, organized, among others things, a variety of theater and culture projects.
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Wolfgang Rieder, who graduated at the Business University in Vienna, is owner of the Rieder Group, an internationally recognized concrete producercommitted to combining the realities of design, high eco-standards and the construction of smart concrete solutions. His unique approach is to push concrete to new heights and to bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

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Jonathan Robinson is an anthropologist, author and entrepreneur. He is a founder of The Hub, the place for people with world-changing ideas. The Hub has sought to borrow from the best of a members club, a business incubator, an innovation agency and a think-tank to create a very different kind of institution further social innovation around the world. Hubs can be found in over 30 cities as diverse as London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Mumbai.
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Andre Schneider, after having been a professional musician in major classical orchestras, developed his first experiences when IBM decided to go into services and asked him to create an IT consulting practice in Geneva, working throughout Europe; he then expanded his experience joining the World Economic Forum and was instrumental during his 12 years in creating the world’s leading global multi-stakeholder platform and finally globalizing this concept by expanding it around the world, with special emphasis on China and the Middle East.
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Milo Tesselaar is a value driven entrepreneur, a concept designer for innovation and community building, a good listener, a constructive activist, a Lindy Hop dancer, an unconventional advisor working with idealism for pragatic solution towards a better future. As a self-made man he started different ventures in the fields of art, culture and communication over the last 10 years. He is the founder and former publisher/editor in chief of the „groundbreaking BIORAMA” – magazine for sustainable life with style.

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Andreas Tschas is the Co-Founder and CEO of STARTeurope. STARTeurope is supporting and producing Startups in Europe. It’s aim is to foster and activate the Entrepreneurial thinking and acting in Europe. Since 2010, 18 successful high tech Startups resulted of its network.
From 2009 till 2010 he worked as an assistant for the member of Parliament Katharina Cortolezis-Schlager.

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For 22 years Roman Tolic has worked in the field of media (13 years as director, producer and TV-journalist for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation - ORF - as well as 9 years as CEO and independent film producer of the Tolikas Media Company), has conducted various international expert workshops (EBU - European Broadcasting Union, Content for Broadband, etc.) and is the initiator of numerous collaborative media productions (ORF Goes to School, Clip 2000, etc.) as well as winner of various national and international prizes (UNICEF, European Union Parliamentarian, Council of Europe, etc.).
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Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Vitouch, born Elisabeth Förster on 6 April 1951 in Vienna (Austria) is married to Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Vitouch, has two sons and three grandchildren.
Ms. Vitouch holds a university degree (Dr.phil.) in Romance languages and psychology from the University of Vienna. As a fully trained actress and singer (final stage examination in 1978) she has performed for various audiences in Vienna and Salzburg (Theater der Jugend, WienerVolkstheater, Kabarett Simpl, Salzburger Kammerspiele).

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