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IncrediblE Events 2009

On June 29, 2009 the Viennese boutique consultancy Brainswork convened the first IncrediblEurope Summit “IncrediblEurope – the Power of Innovation and Creativity for the Future of Europe” in Vienna. 

Participants from 23 countries attended the first IncrediblEurope summit, which provided a variety of inspirational insights and thought-provoking statements. One special success for the Summit was the unanimous call for the Summit to become a permanent highlight on the calendar, and for the initiative to continue its work on fostering visions and synergies for Europe’s creative and innovative future through the IncrediblEurope Association.

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The kick-off for the IncrediblEurope Summit 2010 was celebrated by a Business Creativity Seminar held by Fredrik Haeren on November 10, 2010 in Vienna.

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