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IncrediblEurope Summit 2012

The theme of IncrediblEurope Summit 2012 (June 14 - 15, 2012, Vienna) was “Co-create the Future!". It refers to on one hand the responsibility of each of us to actively create our future and on the other the force of united bottom-up action. What better way to unite bottom-up action than to connect the connectors?

The IncrediblEurope Summit 2012 connected the connectors to shape 2049! IncrediblE Connectors chaired interdisciplinary groups of influential futuremakers: IE young ambassadors (teenagers / students), startups younger than one year, companies older than 100 years, creatives, innovators, artists, investors, activists, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, scientists, hackers, CEOs,...

This invitation only event was open to a small number of carefully selected futuremakers.
Three major interconnected issues are at heart: tradition of innovation, creating future-oriented business models and more importantly as the base of all:co-creating peace!

Taking risk is essential for change and innovation. The Summit takes it by word and adapts each year its program and methods to meet its target better and better. In this matter we are especially proud to have designed a highly interactive, solution-orientated process inspired by world-renowned speakers and hosted by theme-experienced people for the future Summits.
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