3rd IncrediblEurope Summit – June 8-10, 2011 | Vienna – Austria – Europe
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Not even a month after the 2nd IncrediblEurope Summit 2010 gathered innovative, creative masterminds throughout Europe, more and more changemakers are coming with ideas and action plans for an innovative and creative future of Europe.

So we decided to set-up a monthly newsletter with incrediblE achievements, incrediblE cooperations, incrediblE activities and incrediblE events. Tell us about your incrediblE projects, partnerships, ideas to be published in our newsletter.

IncrediblEurope is growing, be an active part of it and let us know!

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Newsletter 04 – August 2010

IncrediblE Content

IncrediblE Angel Ab Kuijer chosen as Europe's #1 Youth Marketing Mind

The search for Europe's Greatest Youth Marketing Mind was initiated by Youth Research Partners. Twenty European youth marketing specialists got into the final and then the final voting started. Ab Kuijer, founder of JuniorSenior became the winner with a massive 43% of the votes.


In cooperation with the Berlin School for Creative Leadership IncrediblEurope is excited to announce that Sir John Hegarty, Chairman & Worldwide Creative Director of BartleBogleHegarty, will serve as "Godfather" of the next Berlin School Executive MBA class starting September 5th 2010 in Berlin.

If you're ready to take your creative leadership to the next level - to transform yourself and your company - apply for the next Berlin School Executive MBA program by July 15.

The IncrediblEurope organisation in Vienna has a strong focus on the future of Europe. Innovators, changemakers and creative entrepeneurs are important for the success of Europe and in this light we are connecting with Business Angels throughout Europe.

Our mission is to give young, creative people with great ideas the best help they can get. Not simply funding an idea, but stretching out the possibilities over Europe to become a success.

IncrediblE Angel
Ab Kuijer from JuniorSenior kickstarted this initiative and Brainswork followed by doing the first step with the outstanding start-up garmz.

Feel free to contact Ab or IncrediblEurope to learn more about and/or to become an IncrediblEurope Business Angel!


The IncrediblEurope Summit 2011 will be in Vienna from June 8-11, 2011!

And you can shape it now! Suggest speakers, topics, formats or any other issues you would like to change ...

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