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Accreditation for journalists

IncrediblEurope invites a small number of requesting journalists to cover the Summit. We give priority to proposals from journalists:

  • who work for mainstream and online media outlets capable of reaching large or influential audiences
  • who have a track record of insightful coverage in areas related to IncrediblEurope

Press decisions are generally made in the month preceding the summit, and accepted attending press are notified approximately two weeks before the event.

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Guidelines for journalists

  • Press accreditation applications must be submitted by Friday, June 8th 2012 at our website
  • Upon registration (Thursday, June 14th 2011, 9:00 am), journalists will receive their personal badge, the final program and the list of participants, as well as other relevant information.
  • Only one badge will be issued per journalist. The badge is valid for the two days of the meeting: 14th and 15th June 2012.
  • Please note that badges are not transferable or exchangeable.
  • Print/Radio/Photo/Online Publications: Any article, interview or photo derived from the meeting should mention the IncrediblEurope Summit.
  • Television: Any programme or interview derived from the meeting should mention the IncrediblEurope Summit or visibly display the IE logo.
  • The official language of the IncrediblEurope Summit is English, some interviews might be held in German as well.

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