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Speakers IncrediblEurope Summit 2010

The Speakers of the 2nd IncredilbEurope Summit 2010 are listed below. Don't miss your chance to take a close look and get inspired by these outstanding future-oriented changemakers!

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Doris Agneter (Austria)

Doris Agneter obtained her Ph.D. in technical mathematics at the Vienna University of Technology. She completed her post-graduate training in business management at the Institute for Advanced Studies.
She was a prime force in creating new guarantee instruments for venture capital/private equity funds at Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (formerly FGG), whose equity/venture capital department she also created. While in this position, she closely collaborated with numerous Austrian and international venture capital funds.

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Gerald Bast (Austria)

Dr. Gerald Bast

Rector of the University of Applied Arts Vienna (since 2000)
Vice President of the Austrian National University Federation
Spokesperson for the Rectors of the Austrian Art Universities
Member of the Presidium of Universities Austria
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the "Zeitschrift für Hochschulrecht, Hochschulmanagement und Hochschulpolitik" (Journal for University Law, University Management and University Policy)
Vice-President of the Austrian Rectors' Conference
Vice President of the European League of Institutes of the Arts - ELIA

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Claus Bindslev (Denmark)

Claus Bindslev is the director of Bindslev AS, a Copenhagen based consultancy that specializes in producing societal improvement.
Claus inventing the Camp method in 2001, an innovation process based on isolating 48 people for 48 hours to create tangible results to a given challenge and shortening an organization’s innovation cycle from a year and a half to mere days.
Claus has orchestrated and lead more than 80 Camps and executive summits, engaging more than 2500 experts.

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Julia Cassim (United Kingdom)

Julia Cassim studied at Manchester College of Art and Design and then at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music on a Japanese Ministry of Education postgraduate sculpture scholarship. She has an MPhil from the International Centre for Heritage Studies, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, is a Fellow of the Royal College of Art and consultant to the Natural History Museum, London. From 1971-1998, she was resident in Japan. She was arts columnist of The Japan Times, wrote widely for other publications and founded Access Vision, a non-profit organisation for visually impaired people engaged in research on alternative modes to access and interpret museum collections of art and artefacts.

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Michael Conrad (Switzerland)

After 34 wonderful years in advertising Michael Conrad retired in 2003. Born in Germany - a country more famous for great cars and less famous for great ads, as his friend John Hegarty likes to point out - Michael brought German engineering to global quality management in advertising, helping Leo Burnett Worldwide Inc. become Global Agency Network of the Year in 2000 (AdAge) and Most Awarded Agency Network in 2001 (Gunn Report). Under his creative leadership 27 Leo Burnett agencies were named Agency of the Year in their countries, some of them more than once.

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Jilian de Beer (New Zealand)

Jillian de Beer is an international strategist specialising in creative enterprise, business transformation, economic development, cultural identity, international market development, and the creative industries.
Jillian has advised on the creation of niche industries and new markets, creative environments, urban revitalisation, and the protection of authentic cultural expression in New Zealand, USA, Australia, Canada and Eastern Europe. more details ...

Edward de Bono (Malta)

Edward de Bono is regarded as the global leading authority in the field of creative and conceptual thinking. An MD, PHD and Rhodes Scholar, he has authored 72 books in 41 languages. His instruction in thinking has been sought by major corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Shell, Prudential, GM, Ford, and Citicorp to name a few. His work is in use in thousands of schools worldwide, and mandatory on the curriculum in some countries.

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Martina Fineder (Austria)

Martina Fineder is a writer, lecturer and a researcher at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (currently on maternity leave). Her work focuses on the history and material culture of socially and environmentally responsible design.
She has been instrumental in establishing the Victor J. Papanek Foundation at the University of Applied Arts on the basis of his personal archive and library, which she discovered together with Thomas Geisler in the USA in 2007. She co-edited the German re-edition of Papanek’s key writing Design of the Real World Human Ecology and Social Change (2009).

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Nikolaus Franke (Austria)

Professor Nikolaus Franke is Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. He is also Director of the TU/WU Entrepreneurship Center, a joint technology transfer organization together with the Technical University Vienna, Academic Director of the MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and founding member of the Research Institute for Family Business. Together with Professor Christopher Lettl he leads the User Innovation Research Initiative Vienna.

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Stefan Glaenzer (Germany)

Stefan Glaenzer, Executive Chairman and first investor of until it got sold to CBS in 2007 for USD 280m, is one of the most active business angels in Europe’s digital space.
Currently he acts as Executive Chairman at the research community and at Stefan is a serial entrepreneur since he left university.

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Suhas Gopinath (India)

At the age of 14 Suhas Gopinath was recognized as the worlds youngest certified Professional Web-developer through his project As he was very assertive to be an entrepreneur and wanted to encourage the youth, he set up Globals Inc, in the year 2000 at San Jose.
Suhas Gopinath was recently announced as one of the “Young Global Leaders” for 2008-2009 by the prestigious World Economic Forum and he became the youngest member ever in the World Economic Forum’s history.

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Gabriele Gottwald-Nathaniel (Austria)

Gabriele Gottwald-Nathaniel graduated from the City of Vienna Academy for Social Work as a qualified social worker in 1996 and started her work at Department V - Drug Department of the Anton Proksch Institute where she became Appointed Director of Administration in 2007.

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Rudolf Greger (Austria)

Rudolf Greger Rudolf Greger, 1965, is industrial designer and managing partner at GP designpartners gmbh, a design consultancy based in Vienna. Since 1992 he has been working together with his partner Christoph Pauschitz for many companies in the fields of corporate design and industrial design. In the middle of the 1990s interaction design was added to the design services of the today ten-headed-company. Rudolf Greger has been teaching at the Advertising Academy and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He is honorable member of the Junior Chamber of Vienna and a JCI Senator. Since the end of 2006 Greger has been boardmember of designaustria, too.

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Lisa Elena Hampel (Austria)

Lisa Elena Hampel, born 1981 in Graz/Austria, graduated from Industrial Design in 2003.
Lisa started her career as an industrial designer working on a wide range of projects in studios in Munich, Ulm and Stockholm.
In 2006 she co-founded the Viennese design consultancy DANKLHAMPEL together with Kathrina Dankl. Their work accommodates elements of customization, leaving room for individual user preferences.

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Martina Hörmer (Austria)

Since August 2002, Martina Hörmer (MA) has been responsible for the Private Brands Marketing Department at REWE International AG. As Managing Director of Ja! Natürlich and Delikatessa, Martina Hörmer leads up a team of 25, all dedicated to consistent brand management.

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Toyah Hunting (Denmark)

British-Norwegian Toyah Hunting was born in Norway and graduated with a degree in Russian from the Norwegian Military school of Security and Defence in 2000. Finishing her contract in the far North of Norway, Toyah then moved to Denmark where she attended the Kaospilot School of Social Innovation and New Business Design and honed her skills as a project manager and process facilitator.

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Harald Katzmair (Austria)

Harald Katzmair, born in 1969, is the founder and director of FAS.research, a Social Network Analytics / Strategies firm located in Vienna and New York. Over the last 12 years Harald has developed a unique and proprietary set of tools and technologies to empower decision makers in the areas of Public Affairs, Key Account Management, Stakeholder Relations, HR and Organizational Development to navigate through the increasing complexities of our connected world.
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Rudi Kobza (Austria)

Rudi Kobza (42) is chairman of Lowe GGK, Austria’s legendary and creative high class agency brand.
He started his career in 1986 in one of the top 10 agencies in Austria and consequently four years later became a Member of the Management Board. In 1994 he founded Kobza Communications, which one year later merged to become FCB, later Draftfcb Kobza.
Since 2005, Rudi Kobza additionally accepted to become the Chairman of Austria’s top creative agency Lowe GGK.

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Maja Lalic (Serbia)

Maja Lalić
Director, reMiks studio | President, Mikser organization

Having worked in Belgrade in parallel careers in architecture and television journalism, Maja leaves for New York to pursue Master's degree in Architecture and Urban Design at Columbia University and works with U+D studio on different urban scale design projects, as well as Kramer Design Group on numerous branding projects. Motivated by political changes in Serbia in October 2000, and pursuing her own multidisciplinary practice, she returns to Belgrade to establish MIKSER.

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Julie May Queen (Austria)

Julie May Queen
born in London, freelance photo artist,
lives and works in Vienna.
After graduating from fashion college „Modeschule Hetzendorf“ in Austria, she went on for creation and design at the fine arts section of the Austrian federal theatres. She worked as costume designer, production manager and supervisor on several productions at opera houses and theatres at home and abroad. Projects with Christian Ludwig Attersee, Hermann Nitsch, Roman Polanski, Vivienne Westwood and Eric Woolfson (Alan Parsons Project) have inspired her to create her own imagery. She uses photography to realise innovative perceptions beyond conventional categories of composition. Over the past few years Julie May Queen has created  numerous works (, poster campaigns (CCA and ADC*E Award in Photography, 2009) and an artistic get-up (Photographies) for the film „The Reader“ (Director: Stephen Daldry; starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes).

In her recent photo project „The Box“ JMQ captures the moments of people discovering an empty space. The Box as  an instrument of communication, visualizing a network of people’s experiences, visions, destinies an destinations. Personalities like David.J.Goldberg, Edwin Moses, Sir Paul Nurse, David Rosen, Dr. Andreas Salcher, Br.David Steindl-Rast and Alan M. Webber,  already experienced it.
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Muhamed Mesic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Muhamed Mesic was born in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in 1984, and has spent his life so far connecting the realities, visions and ideas of himself and others - and plans on doing so in the time to come. A lawyer by academic training, a learner by vocation and a networker by passion, Muhamed has worked with initiatives, projects, groups and businesses in 24 countries on four continents. His ability to communicate in 56 languages means he is able to learn and share first-hand with the world; from Aramaic to Yiddish, from Basque to Kinyarwanda, from Quechua to Georgian.

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Patricia Mussi (Austria)

Patricia Mussi is the Managing Director of the European Forum Alpbach, a Vienna-based non-profit association which specialises in organising high-profile international conferences on Europe-related topics, ranging from economics and politics to science and the arts. Born in Vienna in 1978, Patricia earned Master's degrees in German Literature and Philosophy (Vienna University) as well as in International Relations (Johns Hopkins University). Before joining the European Forum Alpbach in 2008, she worked as a radio journalist/presenter with the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and as a communications consultant.

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Antonija Pacek (Austria)

For the last twelve years Antonija Pacek has been an international educator, consultant, keynote inspirational speaker, researcher and trainer in the area of organizational efficiency and soft skills. She has conducted training sessions with companies in the areas of leadership skills, creativity and innovation in organizations, emotional intelligence in business, people management across cultures, motivating people and managing change.

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Heike Paul (Austria)

Heike Paul runs her own studio in which she teaches gyrokinesis, gyrotonic, yoga and pilates. In her early childhood, she started with rhythmic gymnastics on a professional level, where she first learned to synchronize body and mind. Later she moved on to more balance orientated disciplins like yoga, gyrokinesis etc.

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Eric Poettschacher (Austria/USA)

Eric Poettschacher graduated from the European Executive Masters Programme for Media and Arts at the International Centre for Culture and Management in Salzburg.
In 1994 he founded a consultancy firm and developed a comprehensive set of interventions made to tackle the specific management challenges of small businesses in the creative sector.

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Selma Prodanovic is CEO of the Brainswork Group and initiator of IncrediblEurope. She is known as the “discoverer and connector” of human and business potentials.
Truly multicultural and multilingual (5 languages), Selma was educated in 4 different educational systems and lived in several countries in Europe and Africa. An entrepreneur and educator at heart, she is an expert in new business development, strategic marketing and networking.

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Ranja Reda (Austria)

Ranja Reda holds a Masters Degree in theoretical nuclear physics and currently finishes two PhDs, one in mathematics, the other one in finance. Her studies brought her to Princeton University, University Bologna, Ecole Polytechnique Paris, London School of Economics, City University New York und University of Cambridge.

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Manfred Reichl (Austria)

DDr. Manfred Reichl, born in 1953 in Salzburg, has worked for 20 years with Roland Berger, the leading European Strategy Consultancy, heading the Austrian and Eastern European business for more than 15 years. Until 1984, he had studied Civil Engineering and Law (studies mainly in Graz, but also at Stanford and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), was Assistant Professor for Management and Organization, and university lecturer for Software Programming, Computer Aided Design and Artificial Intelligence. From 1984 to 1987 he has worked for Hewlett Packard as a European Marketing Program Manager, located close to Stuttgart.

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Sandra Luzia Schafroth (Switzerland)

Sandra Luzia Schafroth (born 1969 in Basel / Italian and Swiss citizen) is managing director of the S AM Swiss Architecture Museum (since 2009). She also works as curator and independent consultant for communications, PR and arts management mainly for the creative industries.Until May 2007 she was managing director and senior consultant of cR Kommunikation, a PR company based in Basel, Bern and Küsnacht.

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Cameron Sinclair (USA)

Cameron Sinclair was trained as an architect at the University of Westminster and at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. During his studies Sinclair developed an interest in social, cultural and humanitarian design. His postgraduate thesis focused on providing shelter to New York's homeless through sustainable, transitional housing. After his studies, he moved to New York where he worked as a designer and project architect.

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James Skone (Austria)

* Head of Dept. for Design Education, University of Applied Arts Vienna.
* Head of Institute for Art Research and Art Education, University of
  Applied Arts Vienna.
* Course Leader BA (Hons. Degree) Project and Furniture Design Kingston
  University London at the New Design Centre St.Pölten, Austria (2001–2003)
* Visiting Prof. for Industrial Design at FH Joanneum Graz (2000)
* Lecturer for Design at the FH Wr. Neustadt (1997 – 2006)
* Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Austrian Design Federation
* Member of the board. Designforum MQ Vienna.
* Numerous int. design awards inkl.: Royal Society of Arts Bursaries Award,
  (2x) Österreichischer Staatspreis für Design, finalist for the European
  Design Award, Red Dot Award Hannover, etc....
* 2 Sons.
* Pioneer of free climbing and ice climbing in Austria in the 1970s and 1980s.
* Numerous first. accents.
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Niko Slavnic (Slovenia)

Niko Slavnic is a user ambassador. As professor, serial entrepreneur and business angel he is focused on the creation of user experience. Teaching about market & users & entrepreneurship at IEDC - Bled School of Management best executive schoolin SEE, he is popular as a guest speaker and lecturer in schools in 13 countries.

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Johan Staël von Holstein (Sweden/Singapore)

An international serial entrepreneur, a political provocateur and one of the leading European Internet visionaries in the mid 90ies. The founder of companies as InTV, Icon Medialab (LBI),, Speed Ventures, IQUBE and most recently Mycube. He has been awarded “Technology Pioneer” by the WEF, “Global Media Innovator” by Forbes International & Advertizing Age, Internet Guru of the year in Sweden for three consecutive years.

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Alfred W. Strigl (Austria)

Alfred W. Strigl
Biochemist, Expert in Sustainable Development, System Change Management & CSR
Studies of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Graz University of Technology and University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna (1985-1993)
Master thesis at Cape Verde Islands, West-Africa, Austrian development project on alternative energy production and water purification (1991-1992)

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Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter (Austria)

Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter both studied architecture at the University of Applied Arts/ Vienna. Sonja Stummerer did her masters degree at the Design Research Laboratory at Architectural Association/ London. Martin Hablesreiter made the pre diploma certificate at Bartlett School of Architecture/ London. They worked as project architects for Arata Isozaki & Associates at Tokyo/ Japan and for several offices in Vienna.

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Christoph Thun-Hohenstein (Austria)

Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, born 1960, has been the strategic managing director of departure wirtschaft, kunst und kultur gmbh since November 2007.
Prior to this, from September 1999 till August 2007, Thun-Hohenstein was director of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York and publisher/editor of the bimonthly online magazine “austria.culture”. Whilst studying Law, Political Science and Arts History he was assistant at the University of Vienna.

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Felix Thun-Hohenstein (Austria)

Felix Thun-Hohenstein, born in Vienna in 1959, is Managing Director of 3M Austria and 3M Switzerland. Both countries form 3M Alpine Region with a combined workforce of 330 and a sales volume of € 197 million (2009).
Having studied law at the University of Vienna, Felix Thun joined 3M Austria in 1985. 3M, the well-known U.S. enterprise and global player being worth $ 23 billion is fundamentally science-based and structured in 45 technology platforms which deliver - as the company claims - innovative solutions to almost every need in life.

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Roman Tolic (Austria)

For about 20 years Roman A. Tolic has worked in the field of media (13 years in television for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF as well as 7 years as CEO and independent film producer of the Tolikas Media Company, has conducted various international expert workshops („Content for Broadband “, EBU -European Broadcasting Union, medialiteracy) and is the initiator of numerous media productions (ORF Goes to School, Clip 2000, etc.) as well as winner of various national and international prizes (honour citizen, UNICEF, European Union Parliamentarian, Council of Europe, Austrian film).

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Gentry Underwood (USA)

Gentry Underwood heads IDEO’s Knowledge Sharing domain, which focuses on facilitating large-scale collaboration through the human-centered application of technology. He began his career as a software designer, after earning a degree in human-computer interaction from Stanford University. But he left Silicon Valley and the world of start-ups to study psychology, anthropology, and community development. Today Gentry combines his social science and design backgrounds to focus on building collaborative systems that people actually want to use.

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Friedrich Wille (Austria)

Dr. Friedrich Wille was born in 1940 into a very humanistic household, where an intense consideration of other cultures and convictions were on a daily occurrence.
In the year 1960, after finishing law school, Mr. Wille became the financial auditor of the company, founded by Michaela Frey, which was dealing with enamellings of commodity and ornamental objects. In 1980 he became art director, additional to his economic role in the company.

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Brigitte Wolf (Austria)

Dr. Brigitte Wolf has been the Director of ORF’s, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, regional radio- and tv station, Radio Wien, since 2002.   Radio Wien’s output totals 24 hours of radio a day, 30 minutes of daily local TV news, 15 national TV programmes per year as well as 7,3 million page impresssions a month. 
Dr. Wolf holds a PhD in media studies, communications and psychology. She began working for ORF while still a student, first in radio and subsequently in media research.

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