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Program IncrediblEurope Summit 2010

***Thursday, 10th of June 2010***
venue: Kursalon Vienna, Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Vienna

09:30 am  Registration

10:00 am  Opening – Welcome to Vienna
                Selma Prodanovic (CEO Brainswork, Initiator IncrediblEurope)
                Brigitte Wolf (Director, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Austria)

10:15 am  Inspirational introduction
                Edward de Bono (Author, global leading authority in the field of creative and 
                conceptual thinking, Malta)

10:30 am  Envisioning Europe in 2049 - anybody out there?
                Scenario building - looking at the future of Europe in global context.
                Which role will creativity and innovation play?
                Gerald Bast (Rector, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria)
                Edward de Bono (Author, creative mastermind, Malta)
                Maja Lalic (Organisation Director, Mikser, Serbia)
                Patricia Mussi (CEO, European Forum Alpbach, Austria)
                Manfred Reichl (Senior Advisor, World Economic Forum, Austria)
                Chair: Alfred Strigl (CEO, Plenum, Austria)

11:30 am  Coffee break

12:00 pm  Inspirational introduction
               Cameron Sinclair (CEO, Architecture for Humanity, GB/USA)

12:15 pm  How responsible is creativity?
                Interactive plenary session - Whom are creators responsible to?
                Michael Conrad (President, Berlin School Creative Leadership, Germany)
                Mirko Ilic (Star graphic designer, Bosnia-Herzegovina/USA)
                Sandra Luzia Schafroth (MD, Swiss Architecture Museum, Switzerland)
                Cameron Sinclair (CEO, Architecture for Humanity, GB/USA)
                Chair: Martina Fineder (Senior Researcher, University of Applied Arts, Austria)

01:15 pm   Lunch

02:30 pm   If my voice was to make a difference, I would… (Open session)

03:00 pm   How creative is innovation?
                 Interdisciplinary plenary session - Where is the connection between creativity
                 and innovation?
                 Nikolaus Franke (Professor, Vienna University of Economics, Austria)
                 Ranja Reda (Research Fellow, Nuclear Physics & Business Maths, Austria)
                 Johan Stael von Holstein (Co-Founder, dot-com companies, Sweden)
                 Felix Thun-Hohenstein (CEO 3M, Initiator Zukunft Innovation, Austria)
                 Gentry Underwood (Director of Knowledge Sharing, IDEO, USA)
                 Chair: Jillian de Beer (CEO, de Beer Communications, New Zealand)

04:00 pm    Presentation of innovative projects, garmz (Austria)

04:10 pm    Coffee break

04:40 pm    Innovation in creativity financing, Interdisciplinary plenary session - Which
                 innovative ways of financing exist?
                 Doris Agneter (CEO, AVCO/CEO, tecnetcapital, Austria)
                 Stefan Glaenzer (CEO & Founder, Whitebearyard, RJDJ and Mendeley/Founder
                 of, UK)
                 Rudi Kobza (CEO, LOWE GGK, Austria)
                 Niko Slavnic (Business Angel, Slovenia)
                 Chair: Muhamed Mesic (Consultant, Brainswork, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

05:40 pm   STARTeurope pitches, Presentations of best ideas from STARTup Live Vienna

05:55 pm   Informal open space (optional) with Incredible Angels and selected speakers
                Incredible Angels: Mirko Ilic, Jillian de Beer, Ab Kuijer

07:00 pm  „Brainswork - Make a Difference-Awards“

07:30 pm  After work lounge with DJ (Radio Wien)

***Friday, 11th of June 2010***
venue: Kursalon Vienna, Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Vienna
08:30 am   Morning waltz (registration needed)
                 Heike Paul (CEO, Heike Paul Studios, Austria)

09:00 am   Eat your creativity (introductory note), The importance of food rituals &
                 culture for identity - If we started the day with more creativity, would the day
                 be more creative?
                 Martina Hoermer (CEO, Ja! Natuerlich, Austria)
                 Martin Hablesreiter & Sonja Stummerer (CEOs, Honey&Bunny, Austria)

09:15 am    Business as (un)usual, Interactive plenary session - already known businesses
                 but with another approach, another point of view
                 Julia Cassim (Research Fellow, Royal Art College, Inclusive Design, UK)
                 Gabriele Gottwald-Nathaniel (CEO Anton Proksch Institute and CEO
                 gabarage upcycling design, Austria)
                 Lisa-Elena Hampel (CEO, DanklHampel, Austria)
                 Friedrich Wille (CEO, Frey Wille, Austria)
                 Chair: Ab Kuijer (CEO, JuniorSenior, The Netherlands/France)

10:15 am    Presentation of innovative projects
                  Hypersphere (Croatia)

10:25 am    Short coffee break

10:40 am    Industry needs (no) creativity?, Interactive plenary session
                  - How much creativity
                 does the industry need to be successful?
                 Antonija Pacek (Representative, Centre for Creative Leadership, Austria)
                 Eric Poettschacher (CEO, Shapeshifters, USA)
                 James Skone (Professor, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria)
                 Christoph Thun-Hohenstein (CEO, departure, Austria)
                 Chair: Rudolf Greger (Managing Partner, GP designpartners, Austria)

11:40 am    Eat your creativity (brunch)

01:00 pm    Connecting creatives (Open session)
                  Harald Katzmair (CEO, FAS.research, Austria)
                  Eric Poettschacher (CEO, Shapeshifters, USA)

01:45 pm    The 2010 charter - towards IncrediblEurope 2049
                  Workshop - Every participant will be able to voice his/her opinion and shape the
                  vision of Europe.
                  Claus Bindslev (CEO, Bindslev AS, organizer C40 cities, Denmark)
                  Toyah Hunting (Consultant and producer, Bindslev AS, Denmark)

03:15 pm     Soft closing, Beginning of entrepreneurship weekend STARTup Live (in
                  cooperation with STARTeurope)

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