4th IncrediblEurope Summit – June 14-15, 2012 | Vienna – Austria – Europe
Dear ,

Snowflakes dancing down earth, the smell of freshly baked cookies and people rushing from one shop to another - that's the pre-Christmas period.

Here are several unusual Christmas presents:
  • give tickets for the IncrediblEurope Summit 2011 as a present to your clients
  • award an associate with the recommendation of her/his own story for dreamA TV
  • suggest a student to become an IE Young Ambassador or
  • send the art work of a friend to be published in Mirko Ilics new book.

Get inspired and enjoy the following weeks!
Your IncrediblEurope team
Newsletter 08 - December 2010

IncrediblE Content

Award your beloved ones and your business partners for their achievements throughout the year with a ticket for the 3rd IncrediblEurope Summit in Vienna (June 9-10, 2011).

Take the opportunity of the early bird and get a personalized ticket for the person you want to surprise for Christmas.

Buy a ticket online until December 17th and you'll receive the customized and Christmassy wrapped up ticket right before Christmas.

dreamA TV is a web tv channel for people with visions. It's a platform for projects and initiatives that can help you reach your dream.

dreamA TV is operated by the three fantastic guys of DreamAcademia -  Harald Katzenschlaeger, Hermann Gams and Manuel Gruber.

We are proud to announce dreamA TV to be partner of the IncrediblEurope Summit 2011 in June in Vienna. So if you think your story is worth telling, arrange a video interview on this great platform.

IncrediblEurope Young Ambassadors are the “bridge” between the IE network and young people in their country.

The objective is to have one IE Young Ambassador in each European country by the end of 2011.

By now, we are proud to already have IE Young Ambassadors in: Austria, Slovenia, Denmark, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Spain (41 European countries missing!), two in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) and one in Asia (India).

Do you know a changemaker, somebody who deserves to be called IE Young Ambassador? Just let us know!

To all incrediblE designers out there:

IncrediblE Angel Mirko Ilic is co-authoring the book "Go, Stop, Slow, Eat: How Typography Influences Behaviour" with Steve Heller.

The thesis, as indicated by the title, is that words set in certain typefaces and composed in certain ways against certain colors and hues have the power to move us, direct us, inspire us and otherwise influence our actions (think about the visual power of the Stop sign). We would like you to take part in this project:

If you have any work (s) which you think would fit the theme, send them along for consideration. The deadline for submission is January 21, 2011.
More information about the book can be found at

IncrediblEurope initiated by Brainswork GmbH | Ausstellungsstraße 39, A-1020 Wien | t +43 1 729 89 00 |
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