4th IncrediblEurope Summit – June 14-15, 2012 | Vienna – Austria – Europe
Dear ,

now is indeed the last chance to register for the IncrediblEurope Summit, buy a ticket and join one of the most eclectic gatherings of future-makers in Europe.

The preparations are in full swing and the wires are running hot: amazing speakers, music, fashion, awards, a cool drink on a hot summer day in beautiful Vienna, an incrediblE crowd… We can hardly wait to welcome you at the 3rd IncrediblEurope Summit on June 9th-10th 2011 in Vienna.

Enjoy the last month until we see, get to know or rediscover each other again!

Your IncrediblEurope Team

Newsletter 05 - May 2011

IncrediblE Content

The biggest achievement for IncrediblEurope is the overwhelming diversity and encouraging positive actions of the incrediblE network. These are innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs who are actively shaping our future and who are willing to interact and learn from others. You can directly influence Europe in 2049 - join us now and make the IE Summit 2011 to your summer achievement number ONE. The Influence of ONE!

This time it is not a startup -  it is a real baby! Miriam Kickinger, the soul of Brainswork is pregnant! Brainswork wants to share with you this joyful expectation and anticipating a new futuremaker by inviting 3 young students to join Miriam Kickinger at the IE Summit for free. And as usual Brainswork CEO Selma Prodanovic will celebrate her birthday by inviting 3 future-making students for free. Write to us: why should you be the one and /or what should your life look like in 2049?

At the IE Summit on June 10th, there is one 10 minutes slot specially reserved for your “action worth spreading“! You are dedicating your time to implementing a special idea and vision? You are convinced your action should spread around and change our world in a positive way? Let us know about your project and how we can spread it until May 20th, 2011. The selected futuremaker will be informed on May 23rd, 2011. Share your action with the other incrediblE futuremakers!

IE proudly presents the Bjarke Ingels Group and the World Economic Forum!

BIG is leading Europe’s Green Architecture movement by implementing astonishing and worldwide appreciated works of sustainable designs. Kai-Uwe Bergmann will be presenting some of BIG’s most innovative and out of a box solutions.

Moreover the former Norwegian trade and industry minister, former environment minister and current managing director of the World Economic Forum Borge Brende has confirmed his attendance at the IE Summit and will talk about "WEF's vision of Europe in 2049" .

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

IncrediblEurope initiated by Brainswork GmbH | Ausstellungsstraße 39, A-1020 Wien | t +43 1 729 89 00 |
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