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MaD Awards 2010

The “Brainswork Make a Difference Award” was initiated by the passionate networker and Brainswork-CEO Selma Prodanovic, designed and supported by the US star designer Mirko Ilic and recognizes those outstanding individuals that employ their unique talent, creativity, ideas and visions for the benefit of their communities, for the development of human values, for peace and understanding, for sustainable and respectful sharing of knowledge, resources and experiences, but most importantly, for encouraging others to make a difference.

“I am convinced that everyone can make a positive difference”, says Prodanovic, “but also, that there are certain individuals that can use their extraordinary ability not just for deeper change in their communities and in society, but also motivate and encourage people to make a difference and improve something”.

They all have overcome a variety of obstacles without losing faith in their vision. Their special, individual way has – alongside their tenacity and endurance – motivated other human beings.
The laureates for 2010 were:

Beatrice Achaleke (Category: Women)
for her endless engagement for diversity - especially for black women. She founded the Black Women Center AFRA in Austria and organized the World Diversity Leadership Summit (WDLS Europe) in 2010.

Michael Conrad (Category: Lifetime Achievement)
for spending his life educating and teaching creativity worldwide, and especially for founding the Berlin School for Creative Leadership.

Angie Rattay (Category: Newcomer)
for her efforts to save planet Earth through editing the "Directions for Use for Planet Earth" and through organizing the EARTHtalks.

Cameron Sinclair (Category: Special)
for his unique approach to bring design services to communities in need, especially for his work in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010.
The "Brainswork Make-a-difference Award"
Beatrice Achaleke
Michael Conrad
Angie Rattay
Cameron Sinclair
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