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Program IncrediblEurope Summit 2011

***Wednesday, 8. June 2011***
venue: Federation of Industries - Vienna Regional Group,
Schwarzenbergplatz 4, 1010 Vienna

3:00–6:00   First International Business Angelinas Meeting (by
                 invitation only)

7:00           VIP dinner (by invitation only)

*** Thursday, 9. June 2011 ***
venue: Kursalon Vienna, Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Vienna

9:00          Registration & Press conference

10:00        Welcome to IncrediblEurope
                SELMA PRODANOVIC (CEO Brainswork, President
                IncrediblEurope, Europe)
                ELISABETH VITOUCH (City of Vienna)

*The influence of ONE individual*

10:15        Inspirational keynote: The Power of One to Reinvent
                the World
                JEAN OELWANG (CEO Virgin Unite, Advisory Board
                The Elders, Great Britain)

10:45        Q&A with Jean Oelwang

11:00        Act & co-create (ALEXIS EREMIA,
                co-founder freims) Interactive session:
                Connect you personal influence

11:45        The IncrediblEurope Sound (HERWIG KUSATZ)

11:50        IE presenting: STARTeurope (ANDREAS TSCHAS,
                co-founder & CEO)

12:05        IE presenting: Dreamicon Valley
                (HARALD KATZENSCHLAEGER, co-founder)

12:20        Lunch

*The influence of ONE Europe*

1:45          The influence of European Science and Design
                JOSEF PENNINGER (Scientific Director, Institute
                for Molecular Biotechnology, Austria)
                SACHA LAKIC (Designer, Luxembourg)
                moderated by GERTRAUD LEIMUELLER (CEO
                winnovation, Chairwoman CWA, Austria)

2:30          Q&A with Sacha Lakic & Josef Penninger

2:45          Grameen Creative Lab
                HANS REITZ (Creative Director Grameen
                Creative Lab)

3:15          Q&A with Hans Reitz

3:30          Act & co-create (MILO TESSELAAR, co–founder
                freims) Interactive session:
                The next focus of European influence

4:15          IE presenting: fibreC (WOLFGANG RIEDER)
4:30          Creative break by The Hub

5:00          IE presenting: garmz (TAMAS LOCHER, initiator
                and co-founder)

5:20          IE presenting: Business Angelinas (CECILY DRUCKER,
                entrepreneur and angel investor)

5:40          Break (Meet & Greet) OR alternatively Gyrokinesis
                (HEIKE PAUL)

6:30          Evening reception

7:00          Concert
                NO PROBLEM ORCHESTRA (Austria)

Brainswork "Make a Difference"-Awards ceremony
celebrating outstanding individuals who invest their unique talent,
creativity, ideas and visions for encouraging others to make a
difference SELMA PRODANOVIC (CEO Brainswork,
Initiator Brainswork MAD-Awards, Europe)

                Chillout with DJ

10:00        Official end of Day ONE & move on to
                IncrediblE party (Floridita, Johannesgasse 3,
                1010 Wien, free entry for IncrediblEurope’s)

also presenting: i-table by Peyote, Sound Strategy, DreamA TV,
gabarage & Dejana Kabiljo

***Friday, 10. June 2011***

venue: BMASK, Stubenring 1, Marmorsaal, 1010 Vienna

9:00          Registration

9:30          Welcome
                EDELTRAUD GLETTLER (BMASK, Federal Ministry
                of labour, social affairs and consumer protection)

9:40          Actions worth spreading
                From new economical models to specific actions and
                how you can get involved!
                (CEOs consulting company beratergruppe
                sinnvoll wirtschaften, Germany) RealExperiment:
                Human centred companies.
                AB KUIJER (IncrediblE Angel, The Netherlands)
                Spreading actions via social media.
                LISA MUHR (Supporter of Common Welfare Economy,
                Austria) An economic model for the future.
                BULATOVIC & SVETOZAR KUJIC (IE Young
                Ambassadors: Venezuela/ Montenegro/Serbia)
                Youngsters strengthening the IncrediblEurope network
                and shaping the future.
                JONATHAN ROBINSON (Founder of The Hub, UK)
                The place for people with world-changing ideas.
                ROMAN TOLIC (Co-Founder of The 12 entrepreneurs,
                Austria) Europe's New Rock Stars:
                Digital Entrepreneurs.

10:40        Break

11:00        Pioneering green architecture
                KAI-UWE BERGMANN (Associate Partner
                BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, Denmark)

11:45        Workshop: Towards IncrediblEurope 2049 or how to start your
                own movement JOHN GRIFFITHS
                (CEO Planning Above and Beyond, Great Britain)

12:30         Final round with the IncrediblE Think&Act Tank

01:00         Conclusions & Outlook for IncrediblEurope 2012

(CEO International Business Speakers, Austria)

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