3rd IncrediblEurope Summit – June 8-10, 2011 | Vienna – Austria – Europe
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Only 12 days left! Here is more information about the IncrediblEurope movement and the 2nd Summit. IncrediblEurope connects some of the most influential innovative and creative changemakers of today and tomorrow with the goal to “Think 2049 – Act now!”
Newsletter 04 – August 2010

IncrediblE Content

de Bono & Sinclair
Connecting the innovative and creative potential of Europe is the aim of the second IncrediblEurope Summit which will take place from June 9-11 in Vienna. The interdisciplinary event awaits participants and speakers from all fields of work like Edward de Bono and Cameron Sinclair to learn and profit from the variety of approaches.
Edward de Bono invented the “Six Thinking Hats”, a creative technique used in order to represent the different perspectives of participants in group discussions.
Cameron Sinclair is the co-founder and 'eternal optimist' at Architecture for Humanity, a charitable organization that seeks architectural solutions to humanitarian crisis and brings professional design services to communities in need.

STARTup Live Vienna
People from different backgrounds come together to present ideas, listen to new thoughts and get to know each other. Interdisciplinary teams are formed to push the ideas forward in a creative environment. As a basis for a company, a business concept will be developed. The process will be accompanied by coaches, experts with diverse backgrounds, former startup entrepreneurs and many more motivated participants.

The best ideas will be presented in front of an international jury at the 2nd IncrediblEurope Summit.

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